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PTE Academic Certification

PTE Academic is accepted by over 3,500 universities and colleges globally for study, by Australia and New Zealand for work and migration visas, and for professional registration.

Achieve your dream to study, work or migrate overseas faster than ever with the PTE Academic Certification.

Choose PTE Academic if you plan to study at a university globally and need to prove your English level, or if you are applying for a work or migration visa for Australia or New Zealand. Take our ‘UKVI’ route if you wish to work or study below degree level in the UK.

PTE Academic is also recognized by the U.S state Boards of Nursing for work visas.

Prepare for your test the best way possible with official, authentic scored practice tests for PTE Academic:

  • Get an accurate score indication with a full Score Report

  • Buy in bundles and save up to 45%

  • Five practice tests to choose from

PTE CoreCertification

The faster, fairer and simpler general English test. Recognized by the Canadian government (IRCC) for permanent residency applications under all economic classes.

Choose PTE Core if you are applying for permanent residency in Canada. You can also choose PTE Core if you are applying for Canadian citizenship.

Every test is scored by a sophisticated AI engine that is trained using human expertise and data from thousands of tests. This means you get an accurate, fair score every time – without having to meet an examiner face-to-face.

When your scores are ready, you will get a personalized Score Report showing your overall test score and the individual scores you have received for each language skill. You will also be able to access a Skills Profile that helps you understand your scores.

UK visa Certification

Discover the right Secure English Language Test (SELT) for your UK work visa, settlement, or citizenship application. 

If you’re applying for a spouse visa or a parent-of-a-dependent visa, you can take PTE Home A1. This is a beginner-level English test.

If you’re already living in the UK and need an extension to your A1 visa, you can take PTE Home A2.

If you’re applying for a course that is degree level or above at a UK Higher Education Institution (HEI), you can take PTE Academic.

Choose PTE Academic UKVI if you’re applying for a course that is:

  • Below degree level (for example a foundation, pathways or professional English course) and/or

  • Somewhere that is not a Higher Education Institution

PTE Academic and UKVI are the same test, but PTE Academic UKVI gives you a Unique Reference Number (URN) for your UK visa application. 

Choose PTE Academic UKVI if you’re applying for a: 

  • Skilled worker visa (formerly known as the Tier 2 General work visa) 

  • Start-up visa 

  • Innovator visa 

  • Minister of religion visa (Tier 2) 

Choose PTE Home A1 if you’re applying for a:  

  • Sportsperson (Tier 2) visa 

  • Representative of an Overseas Business visa 

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