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CMA Exam

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What is the CMA ?

CMA, the US Certified Management Accountant, is the world’s top management accounting authority certification. It has become the gold standard for measuring the management accounting and financial management of financial personnel. CMA is a rigorous and strict financial personnel professional evaluation system, which is well received by major central enterprises and multinational corporations. Of course, CMA has also been widely adopted by Fortune 500 companies and has become the main HR assessment standard.

Preparing for the exam

Preparing for the exam is likened to read the mini-MBA program (Mini-MBA Program). Therefore, to obtain CMA qualifications not only on behalf of its complete accounting and finance-related fields of knowledge, but also demonstrated with a high degree of professional standards and the ability to analyze the internal financial reporting to help authorities assess the status, involved in financial management and develop future strategy and execution. CMA Exam slot

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What CMA means?

Certified Management Accountant. CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. CMAs specialize in management accounting, strategic management, and business decision-making.

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